Petroleum flow data

Energy is a big story in North Dakota, and really North Dakota is a big story across the country. Domestic oil production is really taking off with North Dakota a celebrated part of the story. This graph shows the situation import-export situation for US as a whole.

Petroleum flows for United States

Petroleum flows for United States, Monthly Energy Review

The United States still imports significant amounts of oil, but you can see a marked decline in the amount of imports starting around 2007. So where does this oil come from? Here are the imports of the top 10 countries of origin:

Crude imports for top 10 countries of origin

Crude imports for top 10 countries of origin, from

The total, stacked height represents the total from all 10 countries while the different color bars are the amount from each country. Notice that the amount from Canada is increasing over time, and we can see the amount from the 10 countries does decline towards the end as well.

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