Research (Updated February 2023)

I have many research interests including economic effects of demographic changes, economic consequences of natural disasters, monetary economic history, economic forecasting, and much more. I list current academic research projects and funded projects here. For a full list of publications and other activities please consult my full CV (updated January 2023) or the link to my Google Scholar profile here.

Works in Progress (by subject area)

Population Analysis

“Oil prices, oil output, and fertility rates in ND counties.”

I attempt to separate the effects of oil prices and oil output on the fertility rates in North Dakota counties.

“Individual and Partner Employment type and household fertility” (with Dara Morehouse)

We investigate the effect of different household employment options on fertility outcomes for households in the United States (Presented at WEAI Conference, Session 190, June 2018.) paper

Funded Research Projects
“Examining Best Practices to Revolutionize Rural Living Using Unmanned Aerial Systems.” (Researcher) Economic Development Administration. Part of the lead team to examine the socioeconomic effects of changes in UAS impacts on rural life and formulate policy decisions based on the investigation. Funded, $1,200,000
“Rare earth minerals, markets, and development – Carbon Ore, Rare Earth and Critical Minerals (CORE-CM) Initiative for U.S. Basins.” Department of Energy, October 2021 –Present. Responsible for analysis of the supply chain and market analysis and risk for expansion of the rare earth and critical minerals industry in the US. Part of a large team with the Energy & Environmental Research Center and other organizations. Funded, $2,400,000
“The State of State Arts Agency Appropriations: Identifying State and Regional Determinants of Appropriation Levels,” (with Dana Harsell). National Endowment for the Arts, Grant # 14-3800-7019

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