Research (Updated November 2021)

I have many research interests including small business survival, economic consequences of natural disasters, economic effects of demographic changes, monetary economic history, economic forecasting, and much more. Here is a recent copy of my full CV (updated September 2018) and a link to my Google Scholar profile here.

Works in Progress (by subject area)

Population Analysis

“Oil prices, oil output, and fertility rates in ND counties.”

I attempt to separate the effects of oil prices and oil output on the fertility rates in North Dakota counties. (Presented at PAA Conference Session 110, April 2019).

“Individual and Partner Employment type and household fertility” (with Dara Morehouse)

We investigate the effect of different household employment options on fertility outcomes for households in the United States (Presented at WEAI Conference, Session 190, June 2018.) paper

“Family violence and Demographics” (with Thomasine Heitkamp)

This paper combines interviews examining the issue of family violence and social infrastructure with economic and demographic variables and analysis with attention to the demands placed upon, and implications for the performance of, the social work profession/industry.

Budget and Fiscal Matters

“Cross Border Effects and Discretionary Spending” (with Dana Harsell)

This paper uses discretionary spending items to evaluate the competitive responses of budgeting across state lines.

Published Works

“Merchant Account Books, Credit Sales and Financial Development” (with Gokhan Karahan and Jeremy Schwartz). forthcoming in Accounting & Finance Research paper Tables_1 Tables_2

“Assessing the impacts of transactions costs and rapid growth on local government service provision and delivery arrangement choices in North Dakota,” Journal of Rural Studies 53 (2017), pp. 14-25. (with Dana Harsell, Robert Wood, and Andy Hultquist)

“Agglomeration Economies and Business Startups on Native American Tribal Areas,” Journal of Applied Economics & Policy, 32 (1), Winter 2014 (with Christopher S. Decker)

“Another Curriculum Requirement? Quantitative Reasoning in Economics: Some First Steps,” American Journal of Business Education 6(3): 339-346, 2013 (with Patrick B. O’Neill)

“The Impact of Military Forts on Agricultural Investments on the Great Plains in 1880,” Historical Methods, 44(3): 139-148, 2011 (with Christopher S. Decker)

“Shipping Accidents on the Great Lakes,” Eastern Economic Journal, 37(Fall): 450-469, 2011 (with Christopher S. Decker and William Corcoran).

“Political Orientations and Behavior of Public Employees,” Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, 19(4): 709-730, 2009 (with Jason Jensen and Paul Sum)

“Teaching Bank Runs Through Films,” American Journal of Business Education 2(6):7–10, 2009

“Work-related Accidents and the Level of Market Competition: An Analysis of Worker Injury Rates at U.S. Steel Corporation, 1907–1939,” Economic Inquiry 46(3): 438–453, 2008 (with Christopher S. Decker)

“The Impact of Disasters on Small Business Disaster Planning: a Case Study,” Disasters 31(4):508–515, 2007

“The Railroad’s Impact on Land Values in the Upper Great Plains,” Historical Methods 40(1): 28–38, 2007 (with Christopher S. Decker)

“Duration of Book Credit in Colonial New England,” Historical Methods 38(4): 168–177, 2005

“Credit and the Economy of Colonial America”. Encyclopedia of Economic History. 2002 (Available at

Funded Research Projects

“The State of State Arts Agency Appropriations: Identifying State and Regional Determinants of Appropriation Levels,” (with Dana Harsell). National Endowment for the Arts, Grant # 14-3800-7019

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