Now we can pay attention

A while back I argued it was too early to pay too much attention to the political races. In many ways it is still too early. Tax plans and other ideas are still just that, plans and ideas. However, now we can start to pay attention.

Whether you view the various primaries as real politics or bad dinner theater is irrelevant. For the most part I see it as more the latter than the forer. In one important perspective we should get more information about candidates: we should start to see plans become more formal.

What does this mean? We should be better able to score tax plans or other economic intitiatives to determine likely outcomes, timing, and probability of success. Instead of attempts to score rhetorical points in debates we can hopefully force candidates into more meaningful discussions of issues. In that way we can make better informed decisions about the acceptability of candidates.

I for one will be looking at tax policy, immigration policy, and suggestions for how a candidate will look to provide economic incentives and leadership.

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