Budget Negotiation Basics

While I have yet to read the budget document in its entirety I think people are short-changeing the strategic aspects to budget announcements. I include a typical news article below. Offering up a particular suggestion for direction and then being willing to give on some aspects likely gets you back where you wanted to be originally. 

I am not suggesting that is the intent in this situation at all but I do believe the volume of stories about the budget changes runs the risk of missing the forest for the trees. Congress will put back, or the President will suggest items be out back, for strategic constituencies and purposes. 

The more interesting aspect from my perspective is that budgets should be excellent ways to divide your enemies. What better way than announcing large cuts and seeing where the outrage focuses and then relent. 

From my early read this budget is still a debacle. How is it going to lead to deficit reduction? It is just a reallocation between units. More on budgets later. 

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