Radio Log, 2020 January 09

I decided to keep a log of radio topics as we go along to help with future posting. First radio show of the New Year. KNOX 1310 AM in Grand Forks!


Brexit obviously seems more than likely to happen now. What are the consequences for the US from Brexit? Not major in terms of direct impacts. Trade relations seem likely to continue but that does come under some possible negotiation issues with the White House. The issue of the border in Ireland and the issues there also came into play in the discussion.

Minimum wage

Minimum wage, it’s level and the philosophy behind it is the next topic. A caller suggested that outsourcing of work is a big issue, inflation, and diminishing labour power are all candidates to blame.

Another caller focused on the impatience of consumers to wait for income to allow consumption at the level they can afford. There is certainly a degree of impatience on the part of consumers. Absolutely true but there are significant added issues and it is a very big and complicated issue.

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