14 Day Moving Average Positivity for 4 Counties

I decided to narrow down the list of counties from the last post to just four: Burleigh, Cass, Grand Forks, and Morton counties. Why these? They are all part of the three metropolitan areas in ND. For now I exclude the Minnesota counties that pair with Grand Forks and Cass. Why? There are different sets of rules governing the different counties across the state lines and compliance is difficult to assess in the best of circumstances. Crossing state lines makes it almost impossible. This is again my preferred measure of positivity taken out of the susceptible test encounters.

A few points worth highlighting, Burleigh and Morton are pretty similar which makes sense, and both are well over the 10% mark. There is also a consistency with the general shape for the two counties. Grand Forks and Cass seem to follow some similar patterns too though there are clearly some differences in terms of spikes up and the overall rate of increase in the positivity rate.

If there are counties you would like me to graph, or some type of calculation you want to suggest just send me an email.

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