ND COVID MA Positivity, 02 November 2020

The daily positivity rate continued above 10% in today’s release.

What we are seeing is the continued increase regardless of testing levels. The state is just under the 12.5% positivity rate by this measure right now and only 2 of the last 6 days were below this level expect a continued increase.

The same situation is bearing out when we look at the positivity rate with total tests. The immediate future looks ripe for increases in the centered moving average.

The susceptible encounters continue to be high in several counties so testing is hopefully finding the sources of the disease though at our current levels the usefulness of contact tracing is a bit of a question.

It is time to turn to some broader questions. Tracking the COVID 19 data was largely public interest/service but I want to start relating the data to economic performance and outlook. We need to start incorporating other data to see what the impacts are, because they are there, but likely uneven or inconsistent.

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