ND Covid Deaths, update 04 November 2020

So I am updating the deaths numbers again, and I have some new graphs to post. I am still working on positivity numbers and will have new posts for that soon.

The mass of deaths towards the recent end of the graph is again symptomatic of the large degree of positive cases and community spread experienced currently in North Dakota. In terms of the cumulative number of deaths, not the simple daily count as above we have:

This is the cumulative sum in the state and the notable feature is not the level, it is how the graph slope takes a sharp upward turn right before October. The picture is consistent with the other graph and the situation with community spread timing in North Dakota.

I wanted to also provide a comparison graph for certain counties. If you have a county you want to see let me know and I can look to add it into the mix.

Cass is far and away the leader in deaths, though Burleigh is really pushing close after a massive spike there and a slowdown in deaths in Cass. Ward and Morton seem to be dueling it out for third while Grand Forks and Williams counties are at the lower end. These are the cumulative counts and it seems most of the counties in the picture find themselves currently in an increasing phase for deaths. The slopes for Cass, Burleigh, Morton, and Ward are all fairly similar although Ward has a massive increase in mid October. The counts here will be important to track. Positivity rate questions abound, but it is a bit more difficult to argue about deaths.

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