ND County COVID Update, 09 November 2020

The numbers continue to move in the wrong direction. It is pretty much as simple as that.

The big western North Dakota counties positivity rate continues to accelerate past the level in the other counties. Williams looks set to eclipse 20% positivity without a major reversal. The other counties remain at levels flirting with 15%.

The increase in positivity for Ward county clearly coincides with the increase in deaths there unfortunately. Grand Forks and Williams remain lower in total deaths though circumstances are still fluid enough that nobody should be resting easy right now.

These included counties represent such a concentration of population, economic activity, and medical services that the circumstances in them would naturally be expected to transmit around the state as many individuals in rural areas shop, go to the doctor, or visit friends/family in these locations. This is all water under the bridge at this point. The level of community spread is so high and pervasive that Covid risks exist everywhere and require state and local cooperation along with individual level commitment to start to get this resolved.

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