Radio Show Live Blog – 4 February 2021

Live blogging the topics from the KNOX radio appearance today. Trying to keep the engagement up.

First topic was GameStop and Robin Hood situation. It is going to be really interesting watching this going forward. The “democratization” of Finance was not well received, though clearly some lost money in these efforts, not just hedge funds. The no/low cost trading platforms seem to be the most at risk coming out of this in terms of new regulation.

9:28 – After the break will be talking about the “stimulus” check / support check situation and the possible move to something like minimum basic income.

9:38 – Checks out to Americans is the topic. Minimum basic income mechanics and how it looks instead of piece meal approach with support checks is the nature of the discussion. Incentive compatibility is a big issue is here for the audience. Some concerns about this being against a capitalistic approach to the economy, though of course if it is folding in other programs we already have that argument is a bit moot.

9:55 – Last topic: answering questions from basic income and a question about impact of $15 minimum wage on upper wage blue collar workers. Would it impact their earnings?

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