Pandemic Policy Starting Points

The host and the guests on the Jarrod Thomas Show often ask me about the development of an actual policy regime to deal with pandemic so that the next time, and they seem to believe there will be a next time, it is not an ad hoc system of ideas. Maybe the goal should actually be not AS MUCH an ad hoc system but we can debate that point later.

Part of the process to figure out a new policy going forward will be to understand where we were at the start. The COVID situation impacted different areas in distinct fashions so I give the county level median income for all counties in North Dakota.

It is a simple starting point but there are a few takeaways. Prior to pandemic the oil economy still drove up incomes in the western part of the state. Since pandemic impacted oil prices and a global oil price impact occurred at the time due to an OPEC issue, we need to keep these factors in mind.

The general message here is overall median income was strong in North Dakota, but still regionally concentrated around the state. That geographic pattern followed the current lead industry in the state.

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