Covid Cases Among Young Continue to Rise in ND

It is important to keep track of the COVID data because we are clearly not done with COVID yet and if new variants keep arising it seems likely it will be some time before we are done with it. The total cases are falling into a fairly clear seasonal pattern (seen below) though August and September case numbers are above the levels from the same moths in 2020.

Where there is a more worrying trend is with the younger population, a significant number of whom do not have access to vaccines yet. The under 20 population in September accounted for 30% of the total cases of COVID 19.

Circumstances make this skyrocketing percentage somewhat predictable. There are more students in school this year in the K-12 setting. There are more students on the college campuses as well. The increased proximity of individuals leads to increased risk of transmissions, regardless of precautions taken. There are more events occurring, college football, concerts, and so on. I am not against these things happening, though again discussions of proper precautionary measures and increased caution would seem to be prudent to consider and discuss.

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