Time until goals for University of North Dakota

It is fun with data time. I am looking at the time until scoring goals for the University of North Dakota, comparing the 2020 season and the 2021 season. This is time of the season, in minutes, and right now is through game 7 of the season. This gives us insight into stretches of time with no scoring. This would be characterized by flat stretches of the graph. Probably just easier to show you.

The blue line is the 2020 season (last year) and the green line represents the 2021 season. So the most interesting thing I see so far is multiple crossings of the graphs meaning the goal scoring between the two seasons does vary, with great leaps in goal scoring between 100 minutes and 200 minutes of season time last year, and steadier performance this year. Obviously there are a few refinements to make, but I expect to analyze the data with an eye to factors that might influence the length of time, such as quality of opponent, penalties, and so on.

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