Median age in North Dakota

Back posting again after an extended hiatus for the semester end, some medical appointments, and a mental reset. The median age in North Dakota is the topic for this post. It is interesting to look at and so I provide it broken out by sex in ND, overall in ND, and the overall for the US.

North Dakota Median Age by Sex, Overall, and Overall for US. (Midyear population estimates, U.S. Census Bureau)

The difference in pattern for the US and North Dakota is interesting. Both sexes are now below the US overall median age. From 2010 to 2015 the median age in ND declined, consistent with the expansion in the oil industry and the broader economic changes that precipitated. Since that time, for the most part, we see an increase in the median age, and in fact the slope of the change looks similar to the US overall.

So in less than a quarter century North Dakota went from essentially the same overall median age as the nation as a whole to a three year difference in median age at its largest difference, which persists through the latest data point.

Rural depopulation and other demographic issues persist, but perhaps surprisingly, North Dakota maintains this median age advantage.

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