County Covid Cases, ND

In my other post today I looked at the state level positivity rates. As the state looks at differentials across counties I thought county data would be good to look at too. I look at the positive cases over time and color code based on the number of susceptible test encounters. This is the total tests less those testing to find a negative after a previous positive.

What I first took away from this is that there are not a great deal of high test days for counties in North Dakota. Obviously the positives are increasing at the county level recently, as you would expect when you hear about the movement in the state positivity rate. There are lots of observations as we get an outcome for each county for each day. Another thing you can see is that some counties with low levels of testing are rising in the number of positives lately as well.

There may be a need to engage in some smoothing of these measures over time as well but for now I was just looking at the data and thinking about the positives over time and with testing changes.

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