ND COVID Moving averages, 27 October 2020 Update

The point observation reported today (and therefore for 26 October) was 14.8%. The point observation from yesterday was in the 8% range. This is exactly why a smoothed out approach like the moving average is what I am using. However, with the higher values in the last seven days even the smoothed out process pushes well above the 10% threshold.

The positivity rate above is approaching 11% at this point and seems likely to continue to increase for a significant amount of time given these high numbers currently replacing the lower numbers from 14 days ago.

The total test positivity rate is now above the 10% threshold too. The sum total of this is not good as it pretty clearly indicates widespread COVID in the state at this point.

The testing count is still going well but could still be better. There needs to be some strategy employed to see how testing can be increased, how targeting may allow us to find more cases and we really get a handle on the problem faced currently.

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