ND COVID Moving Averages, 26 October 2020 Update

The latest data shows the state breaking through the 10% mark with the 14-day moving average. This is a big deal in terms of the level of COVID testing is now finding in the state. Health organizations generally view this as widespread community spread and it is a big threat to vulnerable populations.

The number of yellow dots on the right above ten percent indicate the MA is going to stay above 10% for some time right now, even with several days below that threshold. That has not happened yet, today’s number was above 8% and the entire point of presenting this in a moving average form is to smooth out fluctuations.

With total cases we are seeing the same thing again with the large number of yellow dots above the 10% threshold which means we will be above 10% on this metric for some time too.

With this graph I want to highlight the gradual increase in lighter colors, implying more testing being done which is a great thing. The lack of yellow is discouraging to some extent but it appears that testing is getting much better in terms of the overall numbers.

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