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The demographic transitions within North Dakota due to the Bakken oil boom are simply fascinating. These are part of my presentations at the North Dakota Demographics Conference. Some of this may be updated in the next few days because the Census Bureau released new data today that I am still working through even as I write this. Multitasking with writing blog posts and computer code is one of my skills. Ask JT about it on his radio show sometime.

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It has been a busy couple of weeks. I was in Washington, D.C. for a new class I will be teaching next year on the interactions of government and business. That took a great amount of time and energy I do not mind telling you. It will be lots of fun and a great learning experience going forward. Also, this week was the North Dakota Demographics conference. This was the third one and I helped plan all of them as well as presenting at them. This time I had a research poster, a presentation on Demographics & Taxes, and I was part of a panel discussion on cities in North Dakota. 

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Once again it is my honor to be named a Focus Economics top economics and finance blogger. When I started this activity a few years back it was not really with the intent of gaining any notoriety. As an academic discipline Economics actually embraced blogging as a way of discussing ideas and theories relatively early so it was simply a form of engagement with the public and my profession. I really enjoy blogging though and hope to continue it for a long time to come. And okay the notoriety is nice too. You can find the address of the website listing the award recipients below:

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