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Blogging can get back to a semi-regular thing for a while now. I had two presentations taking most of my time these last couple of weeks. I will present some economic analysis ideas to a group of Veteran Entrepreneurs later this month so I had to get worksheets and such ready for them. Next week I will be presenting at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve bank so I had to get that done as well. That and department chair duties is enough to keep anybody busy.

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It was a busy week with a visit by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve President, Neel Kashkari. I will post about that later probably. With the other economic news coming out about the shelving of another vote on healthcare overhaul and the release of a tax plan, wages and income seem to be as relevant now as they were in the last few weeks.

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From time to time the calls on the radio turn to questions about the possibilities of market corrections and the likelihood of recession, panic, depression and so on. For the most part these calls died down since 2014 or so, which may just mean they are getting ready to start up again. The number of pages devoted to the examination of economic crises, financial market and otherwise, is long and there are some good and many bad and I try to steer callers to the better ones as much as I can. To that end, Brian Dowd at FocusEconomics wrote up a really nice history of the Tulip Crisis, one of the first financial panic/crisis events we really understand as a bubble. You can find his full post here.

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